APEM - aerial survey over offshore windfarm

APEM delivers ultra-high resolution digital aerial surveys using manned aircraft for offshore wind developments

Ireland’s green agenda continues to strive forward to meet its renewable energy targets with a proposed floating offshore windfarm, North Channel Wind.

The proposed site off the coast of east Antrim has the potential to generate 400MW of green energy for Northern Ireland. Led by SBM Offshore, the European energy company is developing the North Channel Wind project under a development agreement with Cork-based NMK Renewables.

North Channel Wind 1 and 2 are two prospective floating offshore wind farms being investigated by SBM Offshore for sites between 10-25km from the coast of Northern Ireland. Together they represent one of the largest energy infrastructure investments in Northern Ireland this decade and would be the largest renewable energy generator in Northern Ireland.

Floating wind turbines are positioned further offshore and North Channel Wind’s new floating technologies are particularly well suited to the Irish Sea for their significantly reduced environmental impact during installation and operation when compared to conventional turbines whose foundations are on the seabed.

North Channel Wind Project Director, Niamh Kenny said:

We are thrilled to be working with APEM on the digital aerial survey for our proposed projects in Northern Ireland. APEM offers a wealth of international experience which provides great confidence in a new market like Northern Ireland.

APEM have been commissioned by North Channel Winds to undertake 24 monthly ultra-high resolution digital aerial surveys to gather density, abundance and behaviour data on seabirds and marine mammals in and around the proposed North Channel Wind site.

This project is the latest in APEM’s ongoing support for the global offshore wind industry.

For more information regarding the latest developments for North Channel Wind visit their website.

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