A man standing behind a lectern in a conference room. Behind him is a banner and to his right is a screen showing a presentation by the APEM Group. The subtitles are ESG, Attracting Talent and Expansion & Growth

Dr Adrian Williams presenting at the Environment Analyst Summit

Dr Williams’s presentation looked at how ESG, or Environmental, Social (and Corporate) Governance is woven into the APEM Group’s operational strategy, and that of its brands.

A recent external appraisal rated APEM ‘Excellent’ for ESG. But we aren’t resting on our laurels. The APEM directors believe in ESG as the ‘right’ this to do and the correct approach to take: it’s what our clients expect and probably more importantly what our staff want to see. We’re setting ambitious targets: from reducing emissions to community outreach, ESG is at the heart of the business.

Dr Williams said:

We are constantly developing our policies, and as we continue to grow through acquisition, we need to consider how we bring our new brands and indeed our new colleagues along that journey with us. We are motivated to become a driver for innovation in this sector and deliver sustainable solutions.

A survey undertaken during the summit showed that 58% of companies believed that the most important green growth driver for businesses over the next five years is the net zero/low carbon economy transition.

Kirsty Strannigan, HSEQ Director at APEM, commented:

“Watching the presentations and taking part in the roundtable discussions at the EA Summit confirmed that we are doing the right thing by taking accountability for our ESG performance and continuing to seek further opportunities. The benefits of ESG are tangible and rewarding: reduced emissions, carbon neutrality and engaged employees and supply chain.”

The environmental and sustainability consulting sector is experiencing a surge in demand for ESG and net zero advisory services. With input from our ESG committee, our team and suppliers, we believe our quality and innovation-first service will set the standard.

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