APEM recently undertook the Sustainable Advantage ESG Review Program, and we were thrilled to score “ESG Excellent” with a score of 61%. A tailored action plan has been created and we are developing an annual ESG Report in collaboration with Sustainable Advantage, which will outline our key metrics, actions and future plans, in a commitment to deliver positive results.  


APEM’s tailored action plan


The ESG metrics and 2022 target scores of 80% are monitored regularly to understand the impact of our operations and set ambitious SMART targets in line with our strategic sustainability goals.  

Amongst the initiatives due to be set out in 2022 are a Community Investment Plan for charity investments by APEM, pay gap reporting and further development of our audit programme of our suppliers. 

We are looking forward to announcing our ESG initiatives, efforts and success stories as 2022 progresses! 

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