APEM are a certified CarbonNeutral® company

APEM are proud to be a certified CarbonNeutral® company

As a certified CarbonNeutral® company, APEM Ltd have offset 300 tonnes of carbon emissions through the Climate+Care mixed portfolio which supports green projects in Ghana, India, Bangladesh and renewable energy projects globally.

As well as taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint through our Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives, unavoidable emissions will be offset through projects including two world-leading clean cooking projects in Bangladesh and Ghana. These clean cooking projects not only cut carbon emissions, helping tackle climate change, they improve lives by halving fuel bills for families and reducing exposure to toxic fumes. By cutting fuel requirements the projects also reduce deforestation, protecting precious habitat.

Credits have also been purchased from renewable energy projects. Projects supporting the provision of renewable energy are vital to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the growing global demand for energy and build sustainable infrastructure. Energy generation is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, and renewable energy investment is a fast and effective solution to reduce these emissions.

APEM have offset 300 tonnes of CO2 q

APEM climate+care certificate

Andreea Botea, Quality and Environment Systems Manager, APEM commented:

We are delighted to work with experts in this sector, ClimateCare. They have over 20 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest voluntary carbon offset programmes in the world. Working with them has allowed us to take full responsibility for our carbon footprint and integrate action to tackle climate change and improve people’s lives.

A spokesperson for ClimateCare explained: “We work with forward-thinking organisations to turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes. Our trademark Climate+Care approach helps organisations take a smart approach to addressing their environmental impacts by offsetting their carbon emissions through projects which also support sustainable development”.


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