APEM Ireland’s office at the National Software Centre, Cork

“I’m delighted that Elaine has joined the team here – as well as bringing a wealth of immediate and relevant consultancy experience of and for Irish projects and Irish clients, Elaine is also simply a lovely person who I enjoy working with” Dr Eliot Taylor, Divisional Director APEM Ireland

Elaine has worked in environmental consultancy since 2000, starting her career as a botanist and vegetation scientist in Hampshire before returning to Ireland in 2002. Since joining APEM in October, she has already brought in significant work from many of her former clients, driven by their desire to keep her as a consultant based on her reputation of delivering quality work on time. She is leading several Appropriate Assessment and Natura Impact Statement projects for a range of developers, and is also leading on work supporting communities with legal challenges to poorly executed or illegal developments that damage the environment.

Elaine Dromey, Associate Director, APEM Ireland
It’s in this space that Elaine thrives, communicating the data and recommendations provided by APEM’s skilled scientific teams to her clients. Although she avoids jargon in her reports as much as possible, Elaine enjoys discussing the minutiae of environmental legislation and impact assessment, such as Appropriate Assessments (AAs).

Mentoring and supporting early-stage career consultants is also important to Elaine, and with a growing team at APEM Ireland, she is delighted to be joined by two new starters, Adon McFarlane, Freshwater Ecologist and Gráinne Keogh, Graduate Consultant.

Adon joined us in October having spent time working for a water quality laboratory but wanting to do more ecology work. Adon has a PhD on Freshwater Crayfish, one of Ireland protected freshwater species, and a good knowledge of freshwater ecology in general.

Adon said “I am really enjoying my time at APEM and cannot wait to further my existing and develop new skills and processes involved with ecological consultancy in Ireland, particularly in the Freshwater sector. The team I work with is excellent and has bountiful knowledge of everything involved in ecological consultancy. Elaine is my line manager and I find working with her fantastic too. She has really helped me develop my skills in writing Appropriate Assessments and Ecological Impact Assessments and she is always willing to help with any questions I have.”

Gráinne Keogh, Graduate Scientist, APEM Ireland
Gráinne joined us having recently finished an internship with Inland Fisheries Ireland. She is one of those quite rare characters in Ecology who span the divide between fresh and salty water, and has experience of both freshwater and marine ecology, although with a passion for seawater diving, definitely more the latter.

Gráinne said “I’m excited to be starting my career in consultancy with APEM due to their proven track record in my interest areas of freshwater and marine ecology. Having Elaine as my manager is brilliant as she is very enthusiastic and willing to share her vast knowledge of ecology and consulting while helping me to develop my skills as a graduate.”

Other developments for the APEM Ireland team include projects in onshore and offshore wind, and Elaine is excited to start working with the ornithology, marine, remote sensing and field teams to offer a truly multidisciplinary approach to her clients. As leaders in global best practice ecological survey design for digital aerial surveys, APEM are ideally placed to offer innovative solutions to clients in the wind industry.

According to the Draft River Basin Management Plan 2022-2027, poor water quality and the impacts of agriculture, forestry and physical changes to river channels are of key concern and are the key factors limiting Ireland’s ability to meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive. Elaine says that APEM are perfectly placed to help deliver the kind of holistic, integrated, catchment-based approaches that are increasingly seen as needed in Ireland to address these issues. APEM’s skilled technical and analytical teams provide data that can be used to plan and manage whole catchments, as well as specific habitats and, in doing so, protect and enhance biodiversity and water quality for humans and the environment.

During the past 14 months, our Irish client list has grown, and the acquisition of Woodrow in July 2021 has not only further increased our client base but significantly and importantly added to the number and range of disciplines of technical experts and niche service offerings. We are now well placed to deliver projects on the land, in the lakes and rivers, as well as in and over the sea. We look forward to continuing these good relationships, and building new ones, as we support our clients across all industries.

“It’s an exciting time to join APEM here in Ireland. I’ve seen them grow their name and reputation since they arrived in Sept 2020 and have been impressed by what I’ve seen – so much so that I decided to join them! The addition of an already established and reputable company like Woodrow to the Group can also only be a positive thing and I very much look forward to our future together here”. Elaine Dromey, Associate Director, APEM Ireland

APEM Ireland recently delivered a series of webinars on Hydromorphology in Ireland, Remote Sensing Applications for the Water Industry and Water Abstraction. To receive an invitation to future webinars, click here.

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