Watch one of our previous webinars

Managing terrestrial INNS in the UK: lessons learnt from other island nations

Wednesday October 12th at 10am

Watch Dr Paul Stebbing and Sarah Atkinson deliver this webinar on terrestrial INNS in the UK.

Water, soil and poo: what can eDNA samples tell you?

Wednesday July 20th at 10am

Join Dr James Smith and Dr Jo James for this not to be missed webinar.

Tackling the spread of marine INNS in four steps

Wednesday 18th May @ 10am

Join specialists Katie O’Shaughnessy, Randal Counihan and Dr Chris Ashelby for our next webinar. 16th May – 22nd May 2022 is INNS Awareness Week. During the week this is just one of the activities we will be delivering to raise awareness of the ecological damage caused by INNS.

Bats; legal protection and best practice

Wednesday 2nd March 2022 @ 10am

All species of bat in the UK and Ireland are protected by law and to avoid prosecution and monetary fines, it is important that you understand how their presence could affect your projects.

How much water does a river need – do statistics have the answer?

Wednesday 26th January 2022 @ 10am

This webinar delivered by APEM’s data science lead Dr Andy Davey, will chart the historical development of hydro-ecological modelling, describe present-day applications to surface water and groundwater management issues, and explore future implications for environmental monitoring and assessment.


Maximising value from marine ecological survey design webinar

December 8th 2021 @ 10am

APEM’s Marine team discuss how we maximise value from marine ecological survey design.


Assessing the ecological impacts of abstractions and impoundments – lessons and challenges

October 20th 2021 @ 10am

Associate Director, Hannah Austin from APEM’s Freshwater Biology team discusses the ecological impacts of abstraction and impoundments.


The importance of sediment in water quality in Ireland’s inland waterbodies

August 4th 2021 @ 10am

Associate Director, Heather Webb from APEM’s Freshwater Biology team discusses sediment water quality.


Hydromorphology in Ireland – issues and solutions

June 9th 2021 @ 10am

Dan Cadman from APEM’s Physical Aquatic discusses some of the issues and possible solutions for Ireland.


What lies beneath: practical applications in marine invasive and non-native species management

May 26th 2021 @ 10am

Join some of APEM’s specialists and guest speaker Dr Jenni Kakkonen, Marine Biologist Orkney Islands Council, Harbour authority, for our webinar covering marine invasive species management actions.


Infrastructure – a view from above using aerial surveys

May 19th 2021 @ 10am

The APEM Remote Sensing Team  share an overview of the application of the latest remote sensing technology for new infrastructure projects.


Microscopic work for macroscopic projects

April 14th 2021 @ 10am

Nicola Pennisi from APEM’s BioLabs team presented an overview of what is uncovered under the microscope from marine and freshwater samples.


Remote Sensing Applications for the Water Industry Webinar

February 10th 2021

APEM’s Divisional Director of Remote Sensing, David Campbell and Divisional Director of Ireland, Eliot Taylor delivered an overview of the applications of digital aerial surveys and how it can provide meaningful data quickly to support management decisions.