APEM have been providing fish rescue, removal, relocation and stock assessment services across the UK since 1987.

Our grounding in fisheries science and fishery management has been forged by a team of scientists who are among the best-known practitioners in the UK. We work with a wide range of organisations from the Environment Agency, water companies and power companies to local angling clubs and societies.

Experience and certification

APEM have performed major fish rescue and relocation operations throughout the UK with rapid response and restocking advice. Using netting and surveying techniques such as electric-fishing, we record the species, size, weight and health of each fish before relocating them to an arranged alternative location. We have a particular experience and expertise in lamprey surveys.

We are authorised to transport all live fish and hold a UK Animal Transportation Certificate. In pollution emergencies and low oxygen conditions we are licensed to dose with hydrogen peroxide.

In addition to being qualified aquatic scientists, a number of our staff are also keen recreational fishermen, who possess an excellent understanding of the requirements of angling clubs and societies.

Our team work to exacting standards and are committed to providing a professional, client-focused service.

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Fish rescue, removal, relocation and stock assessment

  • Evaluation of ecosystem health, including assessment of fish stocks and disease, fish habitat requirements, water quality and weed control
  • Fish rescue, removal, handling and relocation services using the latest netting and surveying techniques such as electric-fishing, seine netting or fyke netting
  • Comprehensive consultancy and technical advice on future restocking issues and monitoring strategies
  • Rapid response call-out service in the event of pollution incidents. We assess the extent of the problem and whether interventions such as aeration, hydrogen peroxide dosing or fish evacuation can alleviate the situation and prevent unnecessary fish deaths
  • Extensive experience of fish population surveys
  • Fish health checks
APEM staff member holding an adult carp
Brown trout closeup

Fish rescue and relocation examples

  • Successful relocation of 20,000 fish throughout England and Wales to make way for essential maintenance to canal locks
  • Relocation of 700 fish from a Cheshire canal as part of a £600 million project to build a new bridge over the River Mersey
  • Emergency fish rescue in Tamworth: established population of 1,000 fish safely relocated including protected species of bullhead, lamprey and spined loach
  • Fish health checks and relocations for a variety of clients throughout the UK as the result of commercial and residential developments including Heathrow terminal five, Stansted terminal two and the London 2012 Olympic Village
  • Successful rescue and relocation of thousands of salmonids and coarse fish, whilst bridges were repaired and pipes laid across protected river habitats
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