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Experts from the three businesses will be taking a deep dive into eel and fish screening news, the science behind fish recovery and return screens, and the risks and solutions with eel entrainment.

Join us on 3rd December from 10.00 am – 11.30 am

The agenda includes:

  • Fish Entrainment: Assessing the risk and developing the solution

Nic Teague, Divisional Director, APEM

  • Translating Regulation into Outcome: The eel’s migration from statutory to physical protection

Andy Don, Senior Technical Specialist, The Environment Agency National Fisheries Services

  • The Benefits of Hydrolox Fish screening solutions

Karl Bousfield, Account Manager, Hydrolox

  • Q&A

Places are available on a first come first serve basis, prioritised for companies based in Ireland.

Register your interest in attending here.

Presenter Biographies

Nicola Teague

Divisional Director, APEM

Nicola is a Divisional Director at APEM specialising in fisheries engineering and migratory fish. Nicola is well known for her fish entrainment and screening expertise within the UK having been directly involved with the development of best practice guidance, involvement in specialist conferences and the production of numerous papers on the subject. This specialist knowledge and expertise has led to Nicola being called upon to be involved in the technical assessment and regulatory body negotiations for numerous fish entrainment and screening studies for power station, industrial and potable water intakes and outfalls throughout the UK.

Andy Don

Senior Technical Specialist, The Environment Agency National Fisheries Services

Andy has worked in Fisheries teams in the Environment Agency and its predecessors for almost 30 years. He has spent this time involved in all aspects of European Eel management including trapping surveys, monitoring the commercial glass eel fishery, and assessing river connectivity for this species. He is currently a Senior Specialist in the National Fisheries Services team. His main role is to ensure that the passage and screening elements of the Eels (England and Wales) Regulations 2009 are applied consistently and fairly. This includes the Agency’s own assets and those of other regulated industries. As well as an in-depth understanding of current technologies and solutions available, Andy is involved in various research projects to assess future solutions for better fish and eel protection at water intakes.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Fisheries Management and uses the Institute as a forum to raise awareness of Anguillid research and management.

Karl Bousfield

Account Manager, Hydrolox

Karl is the Account Manager for the Hydrolox Waterscreen Team in the UK and Ireland and has over 40 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering & Sales roles. He has been responsible for more than 70 projects since 2009, installing more than 170 Hydrolox screens to meet the 2009 EEL Regulations and for the protection of salmon smolts. These applications include Drinking Water, Hydro Power, Paper Mills, Power Generation and Food Industry intakes.

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