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The specialist team at APEM operates across many different environments, working with clients throughout the UK and Ireland to identify, assess, monitor, implement management and in some cases eradicate target INNS.

Invasive Species Week 2021 aims to raise awareness of the ongoing threat of INNS and what can and is being done to prevent their spread.

Read on to find out more about the team and to see how APEM is raising awareness…

APEM’s INNS Lead Dr Paul Stebbing, shines a light on the hot topic of pathway risk assessment. Paul heads up the INNS service offering at APEM, providing evidence-based advice on invasive and non-native species management.

Katie O’Shaughnessy is an Aquatic Non-Native Species Scientist – watch her in-field profile that we will be promoting on LinkedIn where she discovers oyster thief (Colpomenia peregrina) and Japanese wireweed (Sargassum muticum) and take a moment to read her blog ‘There’s something about that seawall: marine invasive species love living on man-made coastal structures’. [l

Read a case study of our work at Dalbeattie Reservoir near Dumfries in southern Scotland, where APEM’s Field Team delivered an eradication and ongoing monitoring programme for signal crayfish – we hope to be announcing more on this project in the coming weeks.

Dr Alex Seeney and Dr James Smith discuss non-native fish in the UK & Ireland in their blog.

A specialist in aquatic plants, Michael Austin is a Senior Consultant Scientist, read his blog ‘If big plants cause big problems, do little plants cause little problems?’.

As well as participating in our webinar, Dr Chris Ashelby, one of APEM’s Principal Marine Scientists, shares ‘How are non-native species found and recognised?’ in his blog.

Dr Jo James, Senior Freshwater Consultant, keeps us warm and dry in her blog ‘Testing the water – without getting wet: eDNA as a technique for INNS detection’.

Rupert Houghton, Senior Aquatic Non-Native Species Scientist, writes about freshwater systems and their similarity to islands in ‘Islands in the stream’.

On May 26th we are hosting a free webinar ‘What lies beneath: practical applications in marine invasive and non-native species management’. Specialists from APEM including Dr Paul Stebbing, Dr Chris Ashelby and Dr Marc Hubble are joined by Dr Jenni Kakkonen from the Orkney Islands Council, Harbour Authority.

Also check out our social media channels, where every day throughout the week we will be highlighting an INNS that we regularly tackle! LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

If you need support with the identification, mitigation, management or eradication of INNS please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Paul Stebbing.

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