To lead and support the divisional teams and their growing sectors, we welcomed two new sector MDs late last year. Darroch Baker joined us as Managing Director of Freshwater and Terrestrial, and Alex Campbell as Managing Director of Geospatial and Marine Wildlife Surveys.

Here’s a little more about them and how they’re supporting their divisions.


Welcome to the team Darroch

Darroch started his working life as an Environmental Engineer, working in leadership roles in the water sector in both Australia and England and more recently in the built environment in the UK. His aim is to support and develop teams across the business to achieve sustainable business growth.

Darroch said:

There has never been a greater need to ensure our natural environment is sustainably managed and ecosystems protected. I am proud to join such a passionate and talented team, with industry leading expertise who take pride in providing clients with high quality technical advice and solutions.

APEM Alex Campbell

Alex Campbell joins the APEM team

Alex has spent the majority of his professional life in engineering consultancy, with 21 years based overseas. For much of that time, he led global teams providing innovative solutions to the energy industry including Oil & Gas, Renewables, Nuclear and Conventional Power, but also encompassing Marine, Water, Ports & Harbours, Infrastructure and Urban Development (smart cities). Within all of these fields, the environment and environmental impact was a key consideration, which led him to APEM.

Alex said:

For me, the key to success is putting people at the heart of strategies and ensuring that they feel valued, supported, are able to take pride in their work and are given the opportunity to develop professionally. It is very much based on working smarter, not harder and ensuring that we create a work environment that enables people to be their best and enjoy both their work life and their home life. Putting the science first, combined with a commitment to delivery excellence, will ensure our future success as we continue to enjoy the confidence of our clients and positively contribute to our environment whilst doing so.

I’m enjoying working with the APEM team as we continue the outstanding growth and success of the group. I am proud to be part of such a talented, dedicated team and to play my part in protecting our natural environment.

The appointment of two sector Managing Directors further strengthens the APEM Group senior management team, which also welcomed Meriel de Lacey, People Director, and Leah McGimpsey as Chief Strategy Officer, in 2022. The Group Board are also currently recruiting for a third sector Managing Director for Marine and Consenting, so watch this space for further developments!

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