Leah McGimpsey

Chief Executive Officer

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Nicola Hunter

Group Finance Director

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Meriel de Lacey

Chief People Officer

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Alistair Davison

Managing Director

Marine Science & Development

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Darroch Baker

Managing Director

Water & Land Environmental Services

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Dr. Adrian Williams

Executive Director

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Dr. Stuart Clough

Executive Director

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APEM’s culture & values

We are proud of our inclusive and thriving culture, and it’s one that we feel is unique in the area of environmental consultancy.

We strive to be our best. Every member of our team is valued and treated as an accountable individual, so APEM can develop and grow as a company. Positive, enthusiastic and forward-thinking, we treat each other fairly, with respect and integrity, regardless of role or position.

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Our values

APEM are innovators, problem solvers, and learners. Our expert, technical and support teams lead the way in environmental consultancy. Using the latest technology, years of experience and a commitment to core scientific principles, we are dedicated to providing high quality solutions for our clients, with a positive societal and environmental impact.

We are proud to live our values, collectively and individually.

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We do the right thing

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Quality in everything

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We care

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We focus on the future

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We believe we can

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We champion equality

A day in the life of our staff

APEM’s staff are dedicated individuals who cover the areas of marine, freshwater, terrestrial, geospatial and business support.

Read on to see what a typical (or not so typical!) day in the life looks like for them.

Why not work for us?

Excellent rewards and benefits packages, competitive salaries, proven career development (BeMyBest), and an inclusive culture makes APEM a thriving, organic organisation where the opportunities are as challenging as they are rewarding.